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Thursday, November 13, 2008


I just got home from an exhausting practice at my school and here I am typing another post for my blog again!

Let's get started, I'll start with you, since you're reading this I want you to answer my question, what's the difference between bitterness and anger? because I think bitterness is being negative and unconsciously making the past worst for you and for the others even though you had a great time with those moments. And anger i think there's no explanation for this, but anger is just a feeling of stress and disappointment for a person or a certain action. I don't if I have defined those words correctly.

Some of my colleagues asked me about their "lablayp", I really don't know why they always come to me and then started asking advices and then they will start to ask some questions about my own personal life. haha I love what I'm doing, and it's somewhat weird, because I really like it when they ask me about their problems. oh shit i'm full of crap! haha

"cenxa na kau wala ako maisip n ilgay dito eh hahaha"

-dumb individuals-

Darkness prevails, yet the city is aglow.
4:02 AM

Friday, November 7, 2008

"Its just figures, don't worry"

Another grading period has ended and as usual i got another failing grade.(sigh*). Maybe because I'm just lazy and everything or some circumstances just made me feel like this. My parents usually yell at me every time I come home with failing grades. I really hate my school honestly, I am one of the pioneers of our school, obviously every experiment that the administration has to do will be conducted on us and that's a big bullshit! I don't blame the school for my grades, because I know within my self that i have some mistakes for every low score i made for the past grading periods. Anyway I must be going home now but its still raining cats and dogs outside of Allan's crib so i decided to make another post on his computer. This post sucks, it really suck! Those numbers are just figures, it only represent my past but it doesn't show what my future is gonna be.

-material girl-

Darkness prevails, yet the city is aglow.
9:08 PM

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I don't know if this picture already made you laugh, but this thing is hilarious! I'm just browsing some files in my fathers desktop then suddenly I accidentally found this picture. As you can see on the right side of the picture, an old woman is trying to get rid of her itchy underarm (yuck) but i think she forgot that she's not wearing any bra at that time, obviously what do you expect! haha! Her "Treasure Chest" just appeared on the screen, luckily Willie Revilliame was busy entertaining the audience of Wowowee, if Willie saw this I don't know what's gonna happen next maybe he's gonna say " Ui Lola! anu yan?! suso mo ba yun? hahaha" joke! hehe anyway hope you had a great time looking at this picture! Damn it really touched my humor! haha "ASTIG KA LOLA, ANG TIGATIG MO!!"

-share your smile to everyone!-

Darkness prevails, yet the city is aglow.
4:10 AM

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just dropping by guys. Anyway this my latest work i think. I created this for the 18th birthday of my sister. This is called "Vector Art", this stuff is so much fun even though it took me 2 weeks to finish my first vector art but i really enjoyed it, but i think it only took me 3 days to finish this picture. It has a very long process before you can finish a crap like this. Nothing important about this, just sharing.

"kapag may tiyaga, wala pa ring nilaga"
-how sad =(-

Darkness prevails, yet the city is aglow.
5:26 AM

Monday, November 3, 2008

The man in green polo with metal legs

I woke up 6am last October 26 2008, it was a cold morning and I'm getting ready for my morning routine, as of what i remembered I'm wearing a white boracay shirt, may green jogging pants and my very old sneakers=). I started to stretch some muscles before i ride my bicycle on that day. Then in just a minute i started to kick that pedal and ride my way to the garden to get into shape.

When I got home my father immediately told me to get dressed because I'm going to take my entrance test in UST (University of Santo Tomas). When my brain absorbed that sentence a big FUCK (the word fuck ei) in my head appeared! But my sister told me to stay calm because that test was very easy when she taked the exams and luckily she passed it!

On my way to UST, out of boredom i strated to pick my cellphone and started texting friends. nothing important in my texting mania but it really helped in making my blood pressure back to normal. anyway back to my life, me and my father reached the campus at exactly 12:30am. Damn it was a hell of a taxi trip!

Then I ran on the line as fast as i could, when we entered the room it was freaking cold! I can feel those chills in my bones. then I started to look around the room to see if there is any safe spot, But shit when my proctor arrives, he started calling surnames and what the hell, I'm on the first column and it was very close to the air conidtioner. The Test started at exactly 2:05pm, honestly the test is easy, it didn't took me so long to answer some questions. Then when the main exams are over he started asking "sino ang mga CFAD dito?" I raised my hand gently thinking it was kinda cute! haha! then he said " The CFAD and the architecture examiners will remain to take some drawing exams" Oh shit! i really wanna go home but for the sake of my course I must stay and take the exams. But when i'm taking the exam there are things that I learned....

Sometimes we know that things or something exists even though we don't see them, we really know within ourselves that those things really exists. It's like a feeling that we tend to hide from the others but still they can say that the feeling is still there even though you don't show it. And some things are meant to be hidden to make things right..

You may wonder where did this things came from. Actually the exam contains 3d figures in which i have to choose one that will match the flat figure. When I'm answering that exam i observed that some items don't show all the shaded parts but if u really analyze the figure, it will show the correct one...maybe some things are meant to be hidden to make things right and better...



Darkness prevails, yet the city is aglow.
4:26 AM


Good evening everyone,
I'm Miguel Benjamin A Bade.
16 yrs. old and still studying(fuck)
anyway i think that's all
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