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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A desperate stranger

"ito ang appetizer sa movie hopping ko.."

"Ito ang main dish at dessert, ang bangis ng cast haha"

After Christmas day our family went to SM mega to celebrate Christmas for the 2nd time and to watch some movies. We didn't watch the same movie, we all got separated to our respective movie houses. Me and my sister first watched "DAYO" this movie was made by our own filipino animators. Damn proudly pinoy yan! I'm not expecting too much on this movie because obviously our country can't produce a high quality full 3d animated film, like Shrek, Finding Nemo, or even Bolt. The movie is a mixed 2d and 3d animation, and dubbed by the voices of Pokwang, Johnny Delgado, Michael V. etc.. After the launching of "URDUJA" this movie serves as the next punch of our animators to the viewers and to the public. The story of Dayo is really great, they also showed some of our local myths and legends, Like the Tikbalang, Kapre, Mananaggal and the Tiyanaks! The Whole movie focused on how a weak and simple kid named Bubuy is gonna save his lolo and lola from the hands of an evil monster, together with him is a young mananaggal named Anna, together they will face a series of challenges just to get the right ingredients for the potion that will save his grandparents before its too late.

After an exhausting game playing in timezone I eventually rushed to the next movie, The 4 $ophisticated Ladies are back! with new problems, new blessings and a new half sister! DESPERADAS brings a new stuff on the big screen, not only because it shows lots of skin or green jokes, its because, behind the luxurious and wealthy life of the four sisters they still have huge problems to handle which includes their financial life, family, or even their own personal sex life haha lol!.Anyway the film was just like the first DESPARADAS movie only theres a new family member played by Ogie Alcasid in the name of "Lugaluda Lugalu" haha i like her name (joke) she appears to be the oldest among the 4, I can't remember anything about her history but one thing is for sure, she is really ugly!

We stayed at the mall whole day, I almost made myself bankrupt, haha I can't help buying new stuffs. Well i guess that's all, right from the very start.

-P.S.- wala akong makitang movie poster ng desperadas at nakktmad maghagilap

Darkness prevails, yet the city is aglow.
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Monday, December 22, 2008

ROCK en ROLL pare!!

PUTANG INA GAME NA!!! haha, This is the night we all been waiting, the first Battle of the Bands of our school!!..so tune your guitars, prepare your drumsticks and get those vocal cords well heated, because your band is next on stage!!

(wala ln, walang mailgay n kalokohan eh)

Anyway this video was taken last Decemeber 19, 2008, the contest was held on the school's ground. The event was a great success, with 8 bands qualified for the final round the batlle of the bands was all ready completed and prepared for a big rock and roll event! Our band reached the top 1 during the eliminations (yebbah! angas!) haha and luckily we won the FIRST PLACE on the finals of the batlle of the bands! yehey with 5k cash haha so without further introductions this is our video last December 19, 2008....

P.S. ako ung lead guitarist jan hehehe ung kulay pula ang guitara ahh hehe

Darkness prevails, yet the city is aglow.
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Saturday, December 20, 2008


Damn it's been a long time since i posted my last crap here! anyway for the past month, nothing special happened but for this month of December my world started to change from a real life that's full of shit to a very incredible parade of anime! Last December 14, 2008, our school was assigned to make a production number for the PASKOTITAP which was held every year. I was one of the students selected to present, perform and participate on a death march ( sakit sa paa!) we walked from Tiendesitas going to the Pasig City Hall and seriously it wasn't funny at all! my whole body nearly collapsed during that walk, but our float was a certified eye catcher even though it didn't matched with our costumes, the lights and the float itself made a great success! oh before i forgot our teacher in MAPEH and CAT coslplayed goku on that day! hahaha he looked like an idiot honestly! no offense sir!


Our Band won the 1st place on the batlle of bands held last December 19, 2008, we also won the individual awards except for our drummer..awww.. too bad. but that it doesn't matter anymore because our band received a trophy and an envelope with 5,000 php! The night was really fun! i got plenty of errors during some licks but we still won! hahaha


Speaking about our drummer he was one of the contestants on the pageant last December 18,2008 unluckily for him he didn't won, but at least he reached the top five, he did his best for the pageant no doubt about that.."aux ln yan pare"

we'll i guess thats it. i can't remember anything special.

"I know i can, i just can't"

Darkness prevails, yet the city is aglow.
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